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Scott M Henkle

Scott M Henkle

Audio/Radio Professional

I'm currently a Customer Service Representative at Westwood One, a full-service radio network that offers formats, prep, sports programming, music, jingles & imaging as well as national advertising sales representation. I work primarily with Westwood One's sports programming and their Radio Voodoo IVR system.

Prior to joining Westwood One I was the News/Sports Director and later the Business Director at WQKE-FM, SUNY Plattsburgh's campus radio station. While there I helped revitalize the sports programming department as well as engage in various other projects as part of a management team that helped bring the station to new heights of success.

I'm passionate about radio and other forms of media production, and also spend time helping to produce a TV and web series known as The Facts for 1687, inc, a non-profit arts organization that strives to create music and art that stretches the possibilities of expression and encourages creative thinking.

I have experience with news, sports, radio and television production as well sports information and event management roles. 



Scott on PSTV
Scott the 2012 NBS National Convention in NYC

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