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With his involvement in numerous organization throughout his collegiate career, Scott has been fortunate enough to help his organizations give back to the community. He's helped with the planning and participation of events that support charities and non-profits, and is willing to do whatever it takes for his organization to make a difference.

WQKE's Annual Starve-a-thon Can Drive

Starve-a-thon is WQKE's annual can drive to raise food donations for local food pantries. Every year close to Halloween, WQKE staff members set up outside SUNY Plattsburgh's Angell College Center from 9:39 a.m. to 9:39 p.m. to play music, hold contests and hold other promotions to encourage members of the greater Plattsburgh community to donate non-perishable food items.


Scott's first can drive with Starve-a-thon came in his first semester working with the station. As usual with the last few Starve-a-thons, rain decided to play a factor. Scott, assigned to hold a sign promoting Starve-a-thon at the side of the main street that ran through campus, didn't let this discourage him. At one point during the event, he stood out in the rain with the sign for over four straight hours without an umbrella or rain jacket. This dedication earned him DJ of the Week honors, and helped him get noticed by the executive board when it came time to fill the vacant News and Sports Director positions. The station raised over 300 cans that day.



Scott's first Starve-a-thon as a member of the Executive Board saw him don his Mario costume for the Halloween party-themed event. He also donned a very bad Mario accent that he then used to fearlessly approach passerbys to solicit donations. He even ran through the Angell College Center plaza as the Mario theme played through the speakers as a promotional stunt during the event. He also helped organize the giveaways of donated promotional items that attracted potential donors to the event. Scott also volunteered his time to drive the donations to the food bank. The 2010 event raised close to 600 cans.



In 2011, Scott and his fellow executive board members wanted the tenth annual Starve-A-Thon to be one of the biggest ever. As Business Director, Scott reached out to every local eating establishment, and with the help of some contacts the Community Service Director had, was able to secure a large number of prizes to attract students to the event.

Scott also took part in the other big attraction to the 2011 Starve-a-thon: Pie A DJ. Any donor who donated five cans or five dollars got a raffle ticket for one of the prizes and got to choose a WQKE staff member to pie. Scott, dressed as Mario was one of if not the most frequent victim among the staff, especially when the donors were new audience members with no prior knowledge of the station. And for the second year in a row, Scott volunteered his time to bring the donations to the food bank.

The 2011 Starve-a-Thon was one of the station's most successful can drives the Quake had ever done, raking in 719 food items! This brought the Quake attention in the local paper, as well as two campus awards for community service.


SUNY Plattsburgh Relay for Life [Team WQKE]

Scott was on WQKE's Relay for Life team for two years in a row. One of the organizers of "Camp Quake", Scott proudly was able to go all 12 hours both years while raising money through donations from family and friends.

During the 2012 Relay for Life, Scott supplemented those donations by volunteering himself along with good friend and WQKE General Manager Rae Cunningham to go into the dunk tank to raise extra money. In keeping with that year's theme of Superheroes, Scott created the alter-ego El Quako using nothing but a green wrestling mask, a pair of sweatpants and his WQKE shirt! After spending the first 9 hours doing laps, El Quako got into the dunk tank at 3 a.m.. El Quako knew he had gotten injured on the first dunk, but he summoned his super strength to finish out the half hour in the tank to help the Quake raise $30 to make a final push to finally achieve their $1,000 goal!


SUNY Plattsburgh Unites for Haiti

In the winter of 2010, SUNY Plattsburgh began its Spring Semester with students still reeling from images of the devastating earthquakes that shook Haiti. As the SUNY college with the highest percentage of international students, Plattsburgh had many students whose families were directly impaced by the disaster.

Under the leadership of the sorority Sigma Lambda Upsilona contingent of student organizations of campus formed an alliance known as SUNY Plattsburgh Unites for Haiti, to cooperatively organize fund raisers to raise money for Partners in Health, a non-profit that provides essential health services to the financially in numerous countries, including Haiti.

Scott was on the planning board of the organization for the alliance, representing SUNY Plattsburgh Hillel, a Jewish cultural club on campus. As a member iof the alliance Scott was able to use his contacts within the Plattsburgh State Athletic Department to organize a raffle of donated Plattsburgh Cardinal Hoceky gear at two events to help raise money as part of the series of fundraisers.

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