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1687, inc.


June 2012 - Current Audio Engineer, Editor and Floor Director


Primarily specializing in audio, I fulfill needed roles in the production of episodes of The Facts, a show which airs on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network and the web. In my time with The Facts I have done everything from floor directing, audio engineering to directing entire shoots.


WQKE - SUNY Plattsburgh Campus Radio




Business Director                                                    August 2011 – May 2012

Managed all financial operations for the student run radio station, including preparing the budget, managing income and expenses, securing underwriting and trade-offs. As Business Director I also served some traffic and billing functions as well as helped organize club-sponsored events.


News Director                                                         January 2010 – May 2011

Updated the on-air news database for on-air reads from our paid service. Wrote supplementary campus news stories. Wrote and recorded news stories for automated newscasts.


Sports Director                                                       January 2010 – May 2011

Managed a staff of a dozen students to plan and execute on-air sports broadcasts. Proposed and oversaw the upgrade of remote broadcasting equipment. Operated the board for broadcasts. During my tenure as Sports Director, the sports department expanded its operations, including adding new members and adding broadcasts of baseball and softball to the schedule.


Talk Show Host and Producer                              August 2010 – May 2012                             

Produced and hosted a campus sports talk show, a news/issues show and a morning variety show.  Casted talent and booked guests. Prepared show content. Interviewed newsmakers including athletes, coaches, professors, students and politicians.


Play-by-Play Announcer                                        August 2010 – May 2012

Did live play-by-play announcing for basketball, hockey, baseball and softball. This included Conference Championship and NCAA Tournament games.


Plattsburgh State Television




Coordinator of audio on the student-run television station. Worked with audio crewmembers to train them about proper equipment use and recording techniques. Inspected audio equipment regularly and reported any malfunctions. Assisted with audio preproduction elements on various shows.


WARP - CMM 209/409 (Broadcast Announcing Practicum and WARP Radio Management Practicum)

CMM 409 - WARP Radio Management Practicum - Fall 2011

Acted as the co-Human Resource Director. Worked with another student to successfully evaluate and develop the skills of CMM 209 - Broadcast Announcing Practicum students. Fulfilled airshifts, including VoiceTrack and talk show shifts.


CMM 409 - WARP Radio Management Practicum - Fall 2010

Acted as the Talk Show Host for the station. Produced and hosted a sports-themed newsmagazine formatted talk show that I pitched and developed. Booked guests and conducted live and prerecorded interviews. Recorded and edited show intro and segment teases.


CMM 209 - Broadcast Announcing Practicum - Spring 2009

Was a broadcast announcer for WARP Radio a world beat format teleradio station staffed by students enrolled in CMM 209 and 409. Completed airshifts using live-assist radio automation software. Did backsells, frontsells and live reads of news, weather and spots.

Scott Henkle - ScottMHenkle@gmail.com

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