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SPORTS TALK SEGMENT: Why Tebow Should Retire Now

AIRED: May 2013


SPORTS TALK SEGMENT: Islanders To Brooklyn is the Best for Nassau

AIRED: October 2012



SPORTS TALK SEGMENT: Chris Paul to Lakers Nixed

AIRED: December 2011



AUDIO SPORTS FEATURE PACKAGE: Interview w/Chris Waterbury, Men's Soccer Coach

COMPLETED: Fall 2011

NOTES: A preseason interview with Plattsburgh State Men's Soccer Head Coach Chris Waterbury. This package won First Place: Sports Feature Package at the 2011 Regional Convention of the Freedom States Chapters of the National Broadcast Society.



PROMO SPOT: WQKE Fifty-Fifty Raffle

COMPLETED: Winter 2010

NOTES: Made as a spoof of how I sell Fifty-Fifty raffle tickets at station meetings, this promo was a finalist for at the 2012 National Convention of the National Broadcasting Society.



AUDIO NEWS PACKAGE: SA Vice President Stalled by Administration

COMPLETED: Fall 2011



RADIO IMAGER: Groundbreaking College Radio

COMPLETED: Winter 2010

NOTES: Imager done for WQKE, attempting to advance the slogan "groundbreaking college radio" with an imager that makes it feel like the earth is shattering if your bass is up enough.



RADIO NEWS BRIEF: Michael's Fraud Settlement

COMPLETED: Fall 2011



LIVE RADIO SEGMENT: Scott Mediates An Argument On The WQKE Morning Show

AIRED: October 2011

NOTES: The WQKE Morning Show I produced was designed to be something engaging for our target audience of fellow college students. We did this by engaging them in our life, which sometimes takes a turn on the silly side.





PURPOSE: To design a 30 second spot that promotes the working group's choice of PSTV programming, the PSTV course, or the Department of Communications as a whole.

NOTES: Meant to make the viewer feel the dread of horrifying non-PSTV coursework, I composed the backing track with loops using Soundtrack Pro to have an overbearingly morose feeling that turned into the upbeat party that is working with PSTV. I also conceptualized the video, acted as talent, and assisted editing on Final Cut.




COMPLETED: Fall 2011

PURPOSE: To pitch, write, shoot, record and edit an event feature package for a Broadcast Journalism advanced writing course.



POEM PROJECT: Where The Sidewalk Ends

COMPLETED: Spring 2011

PURPOSE: To interpret a poem through an original video production for a Basic Planning and Production for Television course.

NOTES: In addition to conceptualizing and being the lead camera operator for the video, I recorded and edited the voice-over to go with music and sound effects to convey the feeling of a spooky dream.


Scott M Henkle - email: ScottMHenkle@gmail.com

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